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High Quality, Multi uses, fully recyclable and made for the professional landscaping industry.

We lay our grass to meet or exceed laying requirements. preparation is key with  quality edging, filled, levelled and compacted with granite dust before a weed membrane or sponge fall matting and our grass laid and firmly on top to finish.

IMG_20190717_130712-EFFECTS (1).jpg


Attention to Detail

This service is one of my most popular and tends to get a lot of repeat customers. If you need something more personalized for your specific circumstances, just let me know and I’ll come up with a bespoke service just for you.



Customer Focused

I am well known for providing this service and have quite a number of clients who wouldn’t trust anyone else to do this for them. No matter what I do for you, I’m committed to delivering satisfactory results in a timely and professional manner.

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